I’m always in search of interesting faces, personalities and characters. Identity is my main subject, it first started by questioning myself.

Where do we stand in this world? What determines our identity?

That’s the point where I discovered my fascination, I’m inspired by all different kinds of people, especially the diversity in it.

What are these influences that shape our image of ourself and the other?

I'm inspired by the differences and the similarities between people, I study the shapes, colors and connections. They are my starting point, these humans in the world. They become a sculpture of their own, immortalized.

我是谁  WHO AM I, 

My name is Kay-Leigh Tessenaere, I am an artist based in Ghent.

Sculpting is my way of containing these parts of reality. We are free te build and create whatever we want.

Existing out of a pure material as clay, gives me a close-to-earth feeling.

A sculpture becomes a body, occupying the same space as us.

I find my inspiration in Belgium and all around the world. They don’t have to be special, they can be anybody. Each person has their own unique part.

I’m born in Belgium, but I’m also partly Chinese. That’s why there’s an influence of this country and culture in my work.

Like I said, looking for identities started with myself. Looking different, looking for a place where you can fit in. There’s no physical existing place,  but only a place in what you do.